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  • A single shared target

    The passion we commit every day in our wines is the consequence of sharing a common project made by Wine and People.
    Created in compliance feeded in an hard, harsh, difficult territory but at the same time capable of great satisfactions.

    Concerning sustainability

     The word “sustainability” is on everyone’s lips, whether it be the field of environment or economics, or even our society. Much has been said and written on this subject, although it seldom reflects real facts. We have taken it seriously, especially when it comes to the environment. We have been through a slow and challenging path: for many years, we have been working at length and meticulously on our vineyard and, first of all, on the environment surrounding it and on the people who experience it daily. We chose to focus on the soil and on its several biological components, which benefits from our attentive and conscious attitude. Our resolution and positive dedication has pushed us to considerably reduce human interventions, such as the use of chemical weeding, thus enhancing the spontaneous growth of the flora. This lead to a healthier management of our land and to a rebalancing of the natural elements. 

    Our vineyards are over 40 years old, they are healthy and robust and they still offer excellent products. Their environment is vigorous, due to our commitment and hard work. We do not just cultivate our vineyard in the strict agronomic sense, for we keep it in its own natural environment, which we try to safeguard in all its aspects. The last step on such a difficult but heart-felt path, is our recent change to the organic method, that has also been certified. This has officialized our natural inclination towards sustainability. We are happy with our work and our progress, although we are aware that there is still a long way to go. We will, therefore, keep following our line and making a reality of the concept of sustainability with commitment and enthusiasm. Created in compliance feeded in an hard, harsh, difficult territory but at the same time capable of great satisfactions.