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  • Woodland is the best farmer

    Our wine is of the finest quality because we have true passion for nature. This isn’t an empty statement. Our vineyard extends over 34 hectares, of which only 22 are occupied by grapevines. The rest is woodland, pure and simple. When we started the company we decided to keep the land that came before us intact, to maintain a balance, to respect life, to actively work with the land in our daily life. The woodland has become our most capable and experienced worker and partner.

    For some years now, we have successfully been pioneering a new approach to vineyard management, which entails enhancing ecological sustainability through improved agronomic techniques. Chemical weed control methods have completely been replaced by a mechanical approach that definitely benefits the biodiversity of the vineyard’s ecosystem – which includes everything from the fauna to the microorganisms of the soil. Pest control and pathogen control require us to rigorously comply with the principles of integrated agriculture, by eliminating all products that have an unsafe ecotoxicological profile for humans and the environment, and preferring instead biological systems.

    We have also adopted practices to preserve the natural fertility of the soil. We use green manure and different cover crops depending on the particular needs of the vineyard and soil, in order to enhance biodiversity and nutritional balance. The wonderful variety of clover, hairy vetch and annual leguminous blooming attracts lots of bees – the sign of a high-quality environment. Innovative practices for rational management of organic-fertilisation are also implemented; for example, infrared sensors are deployed to assess the health of the plants and automatically control and regulate where and in which quantity apply the fertiliser. We basically follow accurate agronomic practices, which are mostly done by hand, from vine pruning to supervising every cluster, and from the budding of the plants to the harvest. Practices that allow the vines to naturally find an ideal balance with their surroundings.

    Finally, we apply a strict selection of the grapes to be used in the winemaking, by separately har vesting the same variety grapes from the various areas, in order to achieve only the best quality from each vineyard. In our pursuit for the highest expression of typicity in our wines, we will always do our utmost possible to reach the perfect balance between the vines and the soil, also by progressively adopting totally organic farming and vineyard management.

    Dr. Davide Mosetti, agronomist