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    One of the world’s best-known, most widely planted vines. The berries are a distinctive, very dark blue with an elegantly herbaceous flavour that comes through in the character of the wine.

    Appearance: brilliant ruby red with purple highlights. Nose: broad, pervasive, faintly herbaceous, highly individual. Palate: dry, full, firm and uncompromising with excellent structure and remarkable character.

    1.Wine information sheet

    Variety:50% Cabernet Franc, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon

    Denomination:D.O.C. Friuli Colli Orientali

    Position:60 m a.s.l., east south-east facing on Eocene marl and sandstone hillslopes.

    Winemaking method:The grapes are macerated on the skins for 15 days at controlled temperatures of 25-28°C with frequent pump-overs.

    Maturation:In French oak barriques for 12 months, then least in bottle for 20 months, before release to market.


    Temperature:Serving temperature 16-18°C in a broad-rimmed glass.

    Wine pairings:It displays bold notes of Mediterranean shrubland, blueberry juice and toastiness. Dynamic and balanced. White meat with hearty sauces, oven baked and grilled meat, hard pressed cooked cheeses. Perfectly complements crepes with poultry ragout, veal stew, and smoked chicken wings with tabbouleh. Stretched pairing: with grilled eel on the spit.

    3.Further information

    Year Planted:1983

    First Vintage:1985

    Vineyard Mgmt.:Planting Grassed

    Pest Control:Integrated low environmental impact.

    Training System:Modified double-arched cane and guyot.

    Planting Density:3.000 vines per hectare

    Harvest Method:By hand in small cases with bunch selection.

    Wine information sheet