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    Grappa Sauvignon

    It is limpid and crystal clear. The nose is concentrated with fragrant, upfront varietal aromas. In the mouth it is balanced with nicely persistent flavours.

    1.Wine information sheet

    Variety:The spirit is distilled from the pomace of perfectly ripe grapes of Sauvignon Liende, harvested from the most suitable vineyards aged around 30-35 years. Different harvesting periods ensure astonishing complexity. The fresh, moist pomace is collected and left to ferment until distillation.

    Artisanal distillation:Distillation is carried out in traditional discontinuous eight copper pot stills. A flow of steam is blown into the pot to extract the varietal volatile aromatic substances from the pomace. The alcoholic vapour passes through the distillation column, which enables the concentration of the aromas. It then flows into a coil immersed in cold water where the aromas are condensed. Cold filtration is carried out to preserve the aromas.


    Notes:Serve in small tulip-shaped grappa glasses at 10-12°C

    3.Further information

    First vintage:2017

    Alcohol content:40% vol.

    Bottling:0.50 cl bottle