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    Is a wine that offers new, undreamt-of emotions, “Dreams” to savour in the glass and conserve in the memory. Loftdrying enhances and concentrates the flavours but it is the fusion of the grapes that make it unique. Siùm lends extra significance to the concept of synergy.
    Appearance: seductively brilliant amber yellow. Nose: stylish, broad bouquet: hints of marzipan, nougat, dried apricot and turmeric. Palate: elegant and silky, with an alluring weave of surprisingly delicate yet intriguingly pervasive sensations.



    1.Wine information sheet

    Variety:50% Picolit (autochthonous), 50% Verduzzo Friulano (autochthonous)

    Denomination:D.O.C. Friuli Colli Orientali

    Position:Grassed vineyards planted an average of 30 years ago, east south-east facing on Eocene marl and sandstone hillslopes.

    Winemaking method:Drying reduces the weight of the fruit by 50-55%, after which the bunches are softpressed in December. Fermentation is carried out entirely in French oak barriques in cellars with a temperature of about 15°C. This very slow process enables the two musts to fuse together into a single, great wine.

    Maturation:The wine obtained is left in contact with the lees for another year, acquiring softness and complexity. Bottling takes place 2 years after the harvest and the wine spends at least 1 year in glass before release to market.


    Temperature:Serving temperature 10°C in a broad-rimmed glass.

    Wine pairings:Spoon desserts, cake with dried fruit, foie gras, green veined cheeses. Special when paired with nougat crispy wafer with Marsala wine zabaglione cream, foie gras in apple sauce and saffron, Sbrisolona cake with hazelnuts, green veined cheese aged on Ramandolo vine leaves.

    3.Further information

    First Vintage:1994

    Training System:Modified double-arched cane and guyot

    Harvest Method:By hand in small cases with selection of the bunches in several passes to pick the fully ripe fruit on each occasion.

    Wine information sheet